Our community has been living with COVID-19 for a year and while we've learned a lot in that time, there's still a lot we don't know...and may never know. On our first episode of Listen in, Lubbock, we talk with Texas Tech Public Media senior reporter, Sarah Self-Walbrick, and Latino Lubbock's Christy Martinez Garcia, about what the lack of data means for the Lubbock community. 

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A year in, pandemic picture unclear due to holes in data

Mar 18, 2021
Data from the City of Lubbock

When the coronavirus reached Lubbock in the middle of March last year, the city’s public health director Katherine Wells and her team started a spreadsheet. 


“A spreadsheet that was literally, like, a basic line listing,” she recalled. “Name, age, date of birth.”



Contact tracers added notes in one box. Had the person traveled? How long were they instructed to quarantine? 

“That spreadsheet just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Wells said.