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From Texas Tech Public Media: 

From The Texas Tribune: 

Texas lawmakers are poised to enact sweeping restrictions on access to abortions, prohibiting the procedure before many women know they are pregnant, and opening the door for a potential flood of lawsuits against abortion providers.

Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

After a citizen’s vote, Lubbock is now the largest so-called “sanctuary city for the unborn” in the country. The city is the first to pass an ordinance like this that actually has a health center that offers abortions. 


Proposition A passed with 62% of votes on Saturday. Over 21,000 people voted in favor of the ordinance and 12,860 voted against it. In total, 34,260 Lubbockites voted on the measure, according to the Lubbock County Elections Office

Sarah Self-Walbrick

Among a crowd of hundreds outside of Lubbock's Citizens Tower, three stood tall in the center holding signs. A bright pink one read, “I stand with the Planned Parenthood.” They positioned their messages to face Jim Baxa, the leader of West Texas Right to Life.

“We’re just here to pray over the men who are making decisions on the lives of little babies today,” he said.

"Sanctuary city for the unborn" petition is valid

Oct 27, 2020
Weston Davis/Texas Tech Public Media

A citizens’ petition submitted to make Lubbock a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” is valid. The announcement came the same day that Planned Parenthood reopened in the city— the facility plans to provide abortion services in 2021.

The organizing committee, led by seven people including State Sen. Charles Perry, submitted the petition on October 13.