For The Pages

For The Pages podcast aims to get inside writers’ processes, writing goals, inspirations and obstacles. Writers will come from in and around Lubbock as well as those who come to Texas Tech University to visit and/or speak. 

Chris Witmore, a professor in archaeology and classics at Texas Tech, is our guest on this podcast of For the Pages, which showcases writers from Lubbock and those who visit the city.

Witmore’s research focuses on things, land, and human ecology in southern Greece, in Northern Britain, and on archaeological memories of a POW camp in Norway.


On this episode of For the Pages, we sit down with author, Kurt Caswell to talk about why he writes, what it means to be a writer, and more.

"I think I write because there's a sort of innate need to do this. I don't really know where it comes from or - this is not a good answer - but it's something I just naturally am compelled to do... It's just something that has always been present for me, as something I do naturally, like, I don't know, brushing my teeth."

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Curtis Bauer has a new book of poems out, his third book, American Selfie. He gives us the run down of why he felt compelled to write it. What follows is an interesting discussion about languages, words, and a career in using them wisely.

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Texas Tech English professor Jill Patterson is the guest on this edition of For the Pages. Last year Patterson won the Richard J. Margolis Prize for Social Justice Writing, and a 2018 Pushcart Prize. Other awards she’s received include two Kimmel-Harding Nelson residencies; a Texas Commission on the Arts fellowship; a Soros Justice Fellowship (funded by the Open Society Foundations in New York); the Able Muse Write Prize for Fiction


Kara Frame is a video producer for NPR, she's most known for producing the explainer series, "Let's Talk: Big Stories, Told Simply," and also films for the Tiny Desk Concert series, both at NPR. She also has personal projects, mainly focusing on veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.