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Noche de Tango compiles sounds from musicians around the globe into an hour of your favorite Tango songs. New programs air every Friday night at 9 p.m. on 89.1.

On this week's show, Charles Olivier explores the Golden Age of Tango and how it created the quintessential sound of the Orquesta Tipica. The Golden Age of Tango was roughly from 1930-1950.  During this time in Buenos Aires, Tango clubs were everywhere one could go and tango orchestras were playing both live and recorded across the radio dial.  This push in popularity was influenced heavily by Juan D'Arienzo and his dancer focused style of tango music.  Listen in to hear D'Arienzo, Roldofo Biagi, Alfredo Gobbi, and others who greatly shaped the Golden Age of Tango. 


En el programa de esta semana, Charles Olivier explora la Edad de Oro del Tango y cómo creó el sonido por excelencia de la Orquesta Tipica. La Edad de Oro del Tango fue aproximadamente de 1930 a 1950. Durante este tiempo en Buenos Aires, los clubes de tango estaban en todas partes y las orquestas de tango tocaban en vivo y grabadas a través del dial de radio. Este impulso de popularidad fue fuertemente influenciado por Juan D'Arienzo y su estilo de música de tango centrado en el bailarín. Escuche para escuchar a D'Arienzo, Roldofo Biagi, Alfredo Gobbi y otros que dieron forma a la Edad de Oro del Tango.

Alicia D / Wikipedia - Public Domain

In this episode of Noche de Tango, learn how tango has historically been able to adapt, thrive, and grow during times of political and economic turmoil.  Join Charles Olivier as he explains which historical events directly shaped the development of Tango music. 

En este episodio de Noche de Tango, aprenda cómo el tango históricamente ha podido adaptarse, prosperar y crecer en tiempos de agitación política y económica. Únase a Charles Olivier mientras explica qué eventos históricos moldearon directamente el desarrollo de la música de Tango.

Ready for trumpets and woodwinds galore? Join Charles Olivier as he presents Tango groups that utilize instruments not originally part of the Tango tradition.


Listen in this week as Charles Olivier delves into the performances and compositions of the incomparable, Julian Plaza - famous bandoneonista, pianist, composer, and arranger of the Golden Age of Tango. 

Julian Peralta|Noche de Tango

Oct 10, 2020

Listen in as Charles Olivier explores the music of Julian Peralta and how it is breathing new life into the next generation of tango musicians around the world.