Music Crossroads of Texas

Saturdays at 7p.m.
  • Hosted by Curtis Peoples

The Music Crossroads of Texas radio show is a one-hour program that focuses on popular music associated with West Texas. The show will highlight music and artists from Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, San Angelo, and other communities in the region.  The show will play many of the standards from the region, but will incorporate underrepresented music as well.

West Texas Wind



West Texas Blues

Music Crossroads of Texas

West Texas Jazz Part 2

1. Humble Stumble – Clay Jenkins

2. Dancing Wildebeests – Clay Jenkins

3. I Have A Feeling I’ve Been Here Before – Joni Janak

4. The Way You Look Tonight – Joni Janak

5. Waltz for a Happy Fool – Larry Hammett

6. King Fu Song – Larry Hammett

7. Goodbye, Gatsby – The Wallace Townsend Quartet

8. Untitled Bossa #3 - The Wallace Townsend Quartet

9. Sunset – Mary Jane Benner

10. Crystal Silence – Mary Jane Benner

11. Sunrise in Malawi – Tom Braxton


Just in Time – Carla Helmbrecht

Fly Me to the Moon – Carla Helmbrecht

I Remember – Alma Quartet

Someday, Adelaide – Alma Quartet

Now There’s Two – David Box

Transformation – David Box

Bad Slinky – Teysha

Walking the Wok – Teysha

Steady Wages – The Wheeler Duo

Stretched – The Wheeler Duo

Sip Thy Wine – Al Gomez

Paragon – Al Gomez feat. Billy Townes

Music Crossroads of Texas 2003West Texas Live Shots

1. Fingernails – Joe Ely2. Apartment No. 9 – Blakely Family3. Cat Daddy – Tommy Hancock & the Roadside Playboys4. Long Snake Moan – The Flatlanders5. Texas Jumbo Shrimp – Ponty Bone & the Squeeze Tones6. Three for Bob – The Warhorse Band7. West Texas – Doug Smith8. Padre Blues – PJ Belly & the Lonestar Blues Band9. Harlem Shuffle – Junior Medlow, Denny Freeman, & the Cobras10. Pride & Joy – The Liquidators11. Live Wire – Impeccable12. Not Fade Away – The Nelsons & Ground Zero