Music Crossroads of Texas

Saturdays at 7p.m.
  • Hosted by Curtis Peoples

The Music Crossroads of Texas radio show is a one-hour program that focuses on popular music associated with West Texas. The show will highlight music and artists from Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, San Angelo, and other communities in the region.  The show will play many of the standards from the region, but will incorporate underrepresented music as well.

On this edition of Music Crossroads of Texas, Curtis showcases some of the LMN 2019 artists. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.


 Music Crossroads of Texas  : Lubbock Music Now CD 2018

This week Curtis showcases the Lubbock Music Now CD from 2018. Please follow up next week to listen to LMN 2019 artists. Thanks for listening!


Music Crossroads of TexasCelebrating Texas Women – Double Shots 

Texas Country

1. Songs About Texas – Pat Green

2. Waterbill – Red Shahan

3. I Rode the Wild Horses – Ross Cooper

4. Giving Up – Caleb Allemand

5. Love to Live By – Cooder Graw

6. Whiskey and Pride – Cory Morrow

7. Love is Dangerous – Dalton Domino

8. Come Back Down – Flatland Cavalry

9. Lord When I Drink – Jenni Dale Lord

10. This Ground – Jordan Robert Kirk

11. Amnesia (Act 5) – Josh Abbot Band

12. Another Bullet – Randall King

13. West Texas Wind – Texwestus

Music Crossroads of Texas | Cotton 

1. Cotton Rag – Wally Moyers Sr.

2. Dry Land Farm – Butch Hancock

3. Boll Weevil – Andy Hedges

4. Farm Road 40 – Maines Brothers

5. Loyd’s Country Store – Andy and Andy

6. The John Deere Tractor Song – Don Walser

7. Strippin’ Cotton – Doug Smith

8. The Cotton Farmer’s Wife – Four Stories Tall

9. Cotton Rows – Katie Howell

10. Tillers Flight O the Farmers Delight – Wade Parks

11. Dollars for December – Andy Wilkinson

12. FFA – Terry Allen