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Lubbock confirmed 106 new cases of COVID-19 and no additional deaths today. This brings the total case count for the county to 2,827, with 1,399 listed as active, 54 deaths, and 1,374 listed as recovered.

From the City of Lubbock;

Texas Tech officials across campus are reviewing policies and procedures, including possible changes to the university’s Code of Student Conduct. They’re doing so to address a racist video posted by a Texas Tech student on a third-party app used by Tech eSports, a video gaming group.

Tech President Lawrence Schovanec says the action of the student was ignorant.

Since 1989, Texas Tech has won 14 titles in the national meat judging competition, including one late last year. That dominance prompted a Sports Illustrated article last May that dubbed Texas Tech “the Alabama football of the meat judging world."

Mark Miller, the team’s coach, says what the team’s members gain in their involvement with meat judging isn’t just intelligence.

An international team of researchers led in part by Texas Tech assistant biology professor Matt Johnson used a large amount of DNA data from each of mosses’ three genomes. Those genomes exist in the mosses’ mitochondria, the chromosomes of cell’s nucleus, and in the plant’s chloroplasts.

The study was funded by the National Science Foundation and was based on comparisons of 142 species of moss from 29 of the 30 orders of mosses in existence. It was published in 2019 in Nature Communication.

Growth in the use of social media platforms has skyrocketed in the past 15 years, most especially with emerging adults such as college students. That led a group of Texas Tech researchers to wonder about the effect on the well-being of 18-to-29-year-olds.