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Eighty tons of railroad history and the West Texas’ cotton industry now sets restored at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture. A Pullman sleeper car was owned by Arch Underwood, a significant player in America’s cotton compress industry.

Underwood’s contacts with Santa Fe Railway allowed him to hitch the Pullman to the end of a train and take the entire family on cross-country trips.  

Faculty at Texas Tech and across the globe seek to have their research published. Until about 15 years ago, academics turned to traditional legitimate journals. Their submissions were peer-reviewed and edited. But Tech librarian Brian Quinn says that these days hundreds of predatory publishers seek out scholars and are making a lot of money from academics.

He urges scholars to be cautious.

The art scene in West Texas has expanded with the opening of the Contemporary Art Museum Plainview. The art landscapes in Lubbock and Amarillo have developed over the past couple of decades. But Plainview’s is now rising.

The horrors endured by 14 survivors of five modern genocides who now call Texas home are depicted in an educational exhibit at the Museum of Texas Tech University.

Aliza Wong, associate professor of history at Tech and associate dean of the university’s honors college, says the exhibit, “Narratives of Modern Genocide” will bring the survivors’ stories home for those who see genocide as a far-away happening.

Texas Tech’s enrollment numbers aren’t the only thing going up on campus. Construction and renovation continue across campus. The Experimental Sciences Building II just opened as did an expanded and renovated Charles E. Maedgen Jr. Theatre. Also the Dusty R. Womble Basketball Center is under construction and in the design phase now is a new Academic Sciences Building.