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The Front Row is devoted to arts coverage here on the South Plains.  Given the sheer number of arts offerings now available to the public, a program dedicated to in-depth coverage and promotion of these events is absolutely needed.  Lubbock, and the surrounding area, is home to an increasing number of art organizations.  These groups offer music (of all kinds), theater, literature, visual arts, film, you name it.  Many of our schools have well developed Fine Arts programs.  The quantity and quality of the arts in Lubbock has certainly reached a milestone.  The construction of the Buddy Holly Center for the Performing Arts demonstrates both level of art and culture in our community and the need for a world-class facility.  With all the events taking place, a radio show taking the time to unpack these programs will help public awareness, promotion, and evoke community pride in our cultural life.  Texas Tech Public Radio is certainly the entity to provide this coverage.  The audience that attends events like these is the audience that listens to Public Radio.  Further, the radio staff has the expertise to do a deep dive into these public events and the organizations that produce them.  Once the semester starts, The Front Row will air every weekday morning at 9am on FM89.1.  Be sure to listen!

Dr. Dorothy Chansky is the Director of the Humanities Center at Texas Tech University.
Kaysie Ellingson

The Humanities Center at Texas Tech University is finishing up its year-long series, “Food and…” with a nationally-known food author and critic. Dr. Dorothy Chansky, Director of the Humanities Center, visits with The Front Row to share more about this event.

Dr. Gregory Brookes on the set of "Hansel and Gretel."
Kaysie Ellingson

The Fairytale opera, “Hansel and Gretel,” is taking place this weekend at Texas Tech University. The director of the opera, Dr. Gregory Brookes, gives The Front Row a tour of the set and some more information on the production.

How did you decide for the opera this semester, that you wanted to do “Hansel and Gretel”?

The Texas Tech University Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is back tonight with a production of “The Other Mozart.” Director of the program, Jo Moore, visits with the Front Row to share more about this special performance.

Tell us a little bit about what the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is.

lecates, Flickr

There are many parts to the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, one of those is the Lubbock Symphony Guild, which has an event this Saturday night. Joining the Front Row to talk about the event are David Cho, Music Director and Betsy Kasemsri, President of the Lubbock Symphony Guild.

Betsy tell us about the Lubbock Symphony Guild, what that organization is.

Don Holladay serves as a member of the Roots Historical Arts Council board.
Clint Barrick

The Caviel Museum of African American History is participating in its first, First Friday Art Trail. Don Holladay joins the Front Row to share more about what’s in store for this Lubbock Museum.

Tell us about the area in this part of Lubbock, about the background.