Faith Matters on KTTZ-FM

Sundays at 5pm

Faith Matters, a ground breaking local program, hosted by Tom McGovern. Faith Matters promises to spark thought and conversation through dynamic dialogue about Faith.

Faith Matters dives into everyday issues. This isn’t church on the radio; this is your friends and neighbors sharing stories of faith and perseverance.  Tom McGovern's distinguished career includes the Professor of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality.

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Imam Samer Altabaa of the Islamic Center of the South Plains joins Ryon and David for a dynamic conversation about the true meaning of jihad, faith across the world and being a Muslim in a post 9-11 world. The Imam touches on the Florida preacher who called for the burning of the Holy Koran and reminds us that not all people of faith actually practice their faith. Faith Matters airs every Sunday at 5:00pm only on 89.1, Lubbock's Voice of the Arts.

Faith Matters: Dr. Melanie Oblender

Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Melanie Oblender, Director of Palliative Medicine at Covenant Health System, discusses Faith and death with Ryon Price and Monsignor David Cruz.

Faith Matters: Dr. Kitty Harris

Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Kitty Harris, Director of Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery at Texas Tech, speaks with Ryon Price and Monsignor David Cruz about Faith and recovery.