The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood is a U.S. Department of Education funded initiative committed to working with the community of East Lubbock, Texas.

The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood seeks to surround children and families with a holistic set of support that enable them to succeed at home, in school, and in the community.

In 2012, East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood was named one of seven recipients of the United States Department of Education Promise Neighborhood grants.

The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood initiative has been committed to working with the residents of East Lubbock, TX to support children and families in gaining access to resources they need to grow learn and succeed.

Collaboration with partners, service providers, funders and supporters work together in identifying the needs of the community and building evidence-based solutions. Data-driven programming serves as a basis for identifying and scaling up solutions that work for the community.

The East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood is a place-based initiative that empowers a community to provide comprehensive, high-quality education and social support to ensure the long-term health, safety, and economic well being of the entire community.

A public introduction to a multi-year documentary project following the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood and it's progress in East Lubbock.