West Texas Wind Part 2 | Music Crossroads of Texas

Aug 23, 2020

Credit Annie Osterlund / Daily Toreador

On this edition of Music Crossroads of Texas, host Curtis Peoples presents the second of two shows about one of the most defining elements of the region: West Texas Wind. Kick back, relax, and listen in!


  1. Where the West Wind Has Blowed - Butch Hancok
  2. Blame it on the Wind - Eddie Beethoven
  3. West Texas Wind - Gaylon Grey
  4. West Texas Winds - Hunter Rea Band
  5. Windblown - Kimmie Rhodes
  6. Panhandle Wind - Red Steagall
  7. West Texas Wind - The Seldom Scene
  8. West Texas Wind - Pilot
  9. Something in the West Texas Wind - Shake Russell
  10. West Texas Winds - Jane Begley
  11. God of Wind - Kenneth O'Meara
  12. Easy Wind (Farmer's Prayer) - Lesley Sawyer
  13. Because of the Wind - Joe Ely