A Week of Famous Collaborations and Adrianas

Jul 28, 2017

Tanda #1: El Torito, Guitarerra, La Yumba, and El Otario

Singer Florial Ruiz began his career with Alfredo De Angelis in 1943, which was one of the first professional orchestras with whom he performed. He recorded only a small list of only eight tracks with De Angelis but these tracks became some of the most famous in his career. Listen to the collaboration between these two Tango greats in the week's first Tanda. 

Tanda #2: Aunque seas mujer, Chuzas, El Engobbiao, and As de Carton

Carlos Almada is known for being one of the most influential singers in the Tango genre, having helped develop the use of singers during the 40s. During the peak of his career in 1953, he began his career with Alfredo Gobbi’s orchestra. In this second segment you'll hear the result of this conglomerate of music legends.     

Tanda #3: Cuando Tu no Estas, Como dos Extranos, Afiches, and Cancion sin Punales

 Our third Tanda is of Adriana Varela and the guitarist Estaban Morgado.  Morgado, the Buenos Aires guitarist, produces what is considered some of the best performances of tango pieces on guitar today. Listen to the amazing duet between Morgado and Varela recorded in 1993.     

Tanda #4: Che bandoneon, Aires de Vidalita, Don Perez Freire, and Campero

 We continue with the music of some of the greatest guitarists in tango with Adriana Balboa. Originally from Uruguay, she studied guitar under Eduardo Fernandez at the Uruguayan Conservatory. This segment is pulled directly from her 2000 album, SUR. 

Tanda #5: Barrio de Tango and De Buenos Aires Morena

Our final Tanda of the week is of Adriana Nano. Prior to the start of her career as a professional musician, Nano studied at Accademia musicale Chigiana in Italy. She has performed in various settings outside of the tango genre, including choral groups and chambers concerts.  Listen to Noche de Tango every Friday night at 9p.m. on 89.1FM!