Outpost Repertory Theatre

Feb 7, 2019

The Outpost Repertory Theatre is a new group in town. Dean Nolen, professor of theatre and dance, is on this episode of the Front Row to talk more about this group.

Tell us about this new group and how you had this idea.

I grew up in Seminole, Texas, which is about an hour from here. I grew up in the theatre, singing. The arts were incredibly well-supported by the community and the school district. So, our teachers were tremendous. I remember that feeling growing up, at least in high school, of being so involved in the arts. And I knew how important that was to me then—it defined my life as it turns out.

Then when I came to Texas Tech when I met Mark Charney in the interview process, almost five years ago. We talked about the potential for there to be a professional theatre company, an equity theatre company here in town. And so he said that that was something that he would be really interested in pursuing. That told me among other things about Mark, he’s incredibly student-centric and that certainly is something that we all take from him.

So, the purpose of a professional theatre company, an equity theatre company in town, is multi faceted in that I think Lubbock is ready for this level of professional theatre company as it relates to how a theatre works on a professional basis around the country…Lubbock is definitely ready to take that leap and it is not only a place for us as faculty members and staff members here at Texas Tech in the school of theatre and dance, it’s not only a place for us to work, but it is also a place for the folks in the community to work—actors, designers, technicians in Lubbock and West Texas in general…

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