Music Crossroads of Texas: Women's History Month (pt. 3)

Sep 14, 2018

Music Crossroads of Texas: Women of West Texas Music Pt. 3

“Daddy was a Preacher & Mama was a Go Go Girl” - Betty Jo Bangs
“We’re Two of a Kind” - Juanita Jordan
“Feeling” – Patsy Blaine
“Full House” – Edna Lee
“Between 10 and 17” – Stone Sisters
“Te Amo Hawaii, Te Amo” – Stone Sisters
“Only Once in Awhile” – Hope Griffith
“Lily White” – Vicki Turner
“Soul Shake” – Angela Strehli
“20% Alcohol” – Angela Strehli
“I Knew” – Torrie Atcheson
“Woe” – Gypsy Jayne & the Travelers
“Quicksand” – Jo Carol Pierce
“That’ll Do” – Katie Howell
“You Mystify Me” – Tennesse Tuckness
“Wide Open Spaces” – Susan Gibson & the Groobies
“Worthy Cause” – Kimmie Rhodes
“I Put a Spell on You” – Lynda Kay Parker