Music Crossroads of Texas: A Look At Joe Melson

Jan 6, 2020

Music Crossroads of Texas – 20-01

 Joe Melson 1. Raindrops – Roy Orbison2. Uptown – Roy Orbison3. Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison4. Lana – Virgil Johnson & the Velvets5. Pretty Woman – Curtis Byrd6. Blue Angel – Roy Orbison7. Running Scared – Roy Orbison8. Crying – Roy Orbison9. Wake Up, Little Susie – Joe Melson10. Take it Like a Man – Joe Melson11. No One Really Cares – Joe Melson12. Oh Yeah – Joe Melson13. Shook Up – Joe Melson14. Dance – Joe Melson15. Any Little Thing – Joe Melson16. Hey, Mr. Cupid – Joe Melson17. What’s the Use – Joe Melson18. Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt19. Run Baby Run – The New Beats20. Girl Back on the Bayou – Joe Melson & Damien Leith21. Last Goodbye – Joe Melson & Damien Leith