Meet the Team: Daniel Ballard

Apr 3, 2017

KTTZ-TV is continuing our MEET THE TEAM spotlight, where you can get to know a little more about the people who make all the magic happen at your local PBS station! Meet Daniel Ballard, a Senior Producer at KTTZ!

Name your favorite local restaurant.

Hmm. We don't get out that much, but I guess I would have to say Rosa's. I know that sounds lame, but my kids don't really like it, so when my wife and I get a chance to without them (rare) it's our go to treat. 

What is your favorite song to sing when you're alone in your car?

Wow, okay. So my sons and I really enjoy the show Adventure Time. This last Christmas I got them the soundtrack and we'll drive around singing it together, but I often find myself wanting to listen to it even when they aren't with me...

What was the last joke you were told that made you laugh? 

My son Ben (5) has been making up jokes lately. Don't tell him I told you this, but his jokes are terrible. But there is a simple beauty in the complete lack of anything that might be construed as funny, and that in and of itself is pretty funny.

Example: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because a rainbow was on it. 


I went to school for film and this is the closest that one can get in Lubbock. I appreciate the news, but I'm glad that we have a little more time to tell the stories we get to tell. It allows us to be a little more artistic and have fun with it.