MCOT: Celebrating Women of West TX pt. 2

Sep 10, 2018

Music Crossroads of Texas Playlist: Celebrating Women of West Texas pt. 2

“You are My Home” – Amanda Shires
“Mama’s Gone Take your Toy Away” – Edna Lee
“Everywhere” – Heart Beats
“Blues Unwanted” – Helen Alvey
“Get Out While You Can” – Ingrid Kaiter
“Already Gone” – Jenni Dale Lord feat. Joe Ely
“West Texas Heaven” – Kimmie Rhodes
“Some Sweet Day” – Jaunita Jordan
“Four in the Morning” – Lesley Sawyer
“I’m Your Home” – Lindsay Noreing
“Dream My Darling” – Lynda Kay Parker
“Gypsy Eyes” – Terri Sue Newman Caldwell
“Every Time You Put Me Down” – Margaret Lewis
“My Heart Can Feel the Pain” – The Tonettes
“Wear you Thin” – Tori Vasquez
“Burning from the Inside” – Yvonne Perea