The Front Row: Simone Porter Performs with LSO

Mar 2, 2018

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is presenting concerts this weekend. President and CEO of the organization, Galin Wixson, and Conductor, David Cho, join the Front Row to give more information on the events.

Galin give us some details on the event.

…We’re going to see a wonderful violinist, Simone Porter, perform the Barber violin concerto…It’s a great mixture. When you hear the Barber, the lyrical lines of the Barber, contrasted to all the other bounciness that going on with this concert, it’s going to be so much fun…and she’ll be coming out for the finale.

David Cho, unpack the concert for us.

…We all grew up watching Bugs Bunny and I just can’t help but talk about Rabbit of Seville. Galin and I, we decided to be a little cheesy because we have that Barber, we decided to play that word a Barber violin concerto. It’s contrasting pieces, very bouncy overture, followed by lyrical and introspective in a way. And very exciting end for the Barber Violin concerto to start off the first half.

…As a conducting student, we’re always studying Rossini’s works and one of the signature moves about Rossini was that he always does this crescendo that is not arithmetic, like 1-2-3-4, but more like 1-2-5-9, that kind of crescendo, which makes the music very exciting and you hear that once and you know it’s Rossini.

He writes it in such a way that it seems to get faster. Maybe it’s not but it seems to.

Absolutely, and there are many ways of doing this overture. He wrote it for different occasions, different opera companies—there are many versions. So there’s no one way to say this is the definitive version. But you’re absolutely right, it sounds and feels like it’s getting faster and faster. It’s probably because of the Rossini crescendo. Instruments being added and the adrenaline of it getting louder in a very exciting way.

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