The Front Row: The Other Mozart

Mar 23, 2018

The Texas Tech University Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is back tonight with a production of “The Other Mozart.” Director of the program, Jo Moore, visits with the Front Row to share more about this special performance.

Tell us a little bit about what the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is.

The mission of the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is essentially to enhance the cultural landscape of the South Plains, rather like you do with this station. It is not only for campus students, staff and faculty, but also for the greater South Plains area. What we strive to do is to bring richly produced programming to our area, whether it be plays, theatre, dance or music. We also try to bring in world music, jazz, and things you may have to go to a bigger city to see.

Five a year is kind of a standard—two during the fall and three during the spring. A component of the series—which is one of my favorite parts—is the classes that we’re able to offer. So, there’s outreach not only to our students, we plug in with faculty that it fits their particular course of study, or we also do a lot with area schools.

Tonight, Friday night, you’re having one of these series. What is “The Other Mozart” about?

“The Other Mozart,” I was intrigued by that too. As I’ve told you, I go to New York and have the opportunity—you know, some little something came across my email about this play, and it grabbed my attention because who knew that Mozart had a sister?

Not only did he have a sister, he had a sister who had top-billing over him, which is just stunning. So many of our female composers have been lost to time and it was not the thing to do past a certain age.

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