The Front Row: The Glory of Venice

May 11, 2018

The Lubbock Chorale is presenting a concert this weekend and its music is all about Venice. Dr. John Hollins, Artistic Director of the Lubbock Chorale, visits with The Front Row to share more about the event.

Tell us about this entity as opposed to your duties at the school of music.

The Lubbock Chorale, while integrally related to the School of Music, in fact this year was the 42nd Scholarship Concert, it’s the 42nd season of the Chorale—there’s no accident there. But it did come out of a group of folks, some of whom were associated with the university in 1976. But the Chorale, nonetheless, is an independent organization, as well as a registered class at Tech.

As I always say in our visits, the Chorale is town and gown. But it is without question an independent arts organization and we are thrilled to be a part of that landscape in the South Plains and in Lubbock. What a thriving, blossoming landscape, and exciting with the Buddy Holly Center on the horizon and great things happening…

Your fourth concert is on the way, tell us about it.

It’s our season ender and it is entitled “The Glory of Venice” and Venice, being a particular focus because it was an exciting place at an exciting time in music history—exciting and dark and tragic.

When you say to a musician, we’re going to do a concert of Venetian music that immediately something comes to mind, what is that?

I hope that it immediately evokes the very late Renaissance and the birth of the Baroque period. This is when Venice really made an imprint on the musical world, particularly.

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