The Front Row: Dueling Pianos

Mar 21, 2018

There are many parts to the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, one of those is the Lubbock Symphony Guild, which has an event this Saturday night. Joining the Front Row to talk about the event are David Cho, Music Director and Betsy Kasemsri, President of the Lubbock Symphony Guild.

Betsy tell us about the Lubbock Symphony Guild, what that organization is.

The Lubbock Symphony Guild was founded in 1952. We have about 300 members and our main focus is fundraising for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and not only fundraising but volunteering—helping out the organization. We have events throughout the year to raise money for the events and also we have the Symphony Debutante program. Our young women who role through that program also serve as volunteers for the Symphony Orchestra.

Tell us more about the Debutante Program. These are young ladies right?

Our program start sophomore year of high school and young women sign up. It’s a program where there is a fee involved that just covers expenses for our ball and then everything else goes back to the symphony. Then throughout those three years, they help out at master works, we supply dinner for the orchestras, they come help us serve the orchestra. It’s all about serving the arts and volunteering in the community.

Tell us about the event this weekend.

It is very special. It is called, Dueling Pianos. Our wonderful Maestro, David Cho, and a fabulous musician, Devin Collins, come together and put on a spectacular event at the Lubbock Country club. It’s a sit-down dinner and then a fantastic program with the two of them putting on a fantastic program for all of us. It’s a very big fundraiser. This money then will go back to the Symphony Orchestra.

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