Dr. William Westney Gives a Piano Recital at TTU

Feb 8, 2019

Dr. William Westney is presenting a solo piano recital this Saturday, Feb. 9 at Texas Tech University. He is the guest on today’s Front Row to share more information about the event.

For people who don’t know, what do you do when you say “I think I’m going to play a recital”?

It’s a fascinating question. I guess everybody goes about it differently. In my traditional practice, it’s about an hour and a quarter of music, with and intermission. And so, there’s a vast amount of wonderful and incredibly sublime piano music, classical music to choose from. But it’s always been tricky for me to figure out not only what pieces to choose and explore, but what goes together into some kind of unity.

So it takes a while for me to figure out how it’s going to work. I can equate it to an evening theatrical event. What kind of pacing would you want for that? Or a movie that’s about that long. Or a meal, a satisfying well conceived dinner. There’s a way in which there’s an opportunity to make the pieces fit. I often will think of, is there a big chunk, a big center piece that I’d like to do. In this case, this particular program this week is like that. Listen to the full interview at the top of the article.

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