Documentary Explores Link Between Soil & Climate Science

Apr 22, 2016

Between Earth and Sky has released its second film trailer today on

The ground-breaking film is the first of its kind to explore global climate change through the lens of soil science, and tells the story of global climate change by shining a light on arctic soils, ecosystems, and the livelihood of Alaskan-Americans.

“This film began as a way to document the 33 years of soil science work in Alaska by recently-retired University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) professor Dr. Chien-Lu Ping,” says Dr. David C. Weindorf, Executive Producer and Texas Tech University’s Associate Dean for Research in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. “It has evolved into a feature-length film that presents findings from numerous UAF researchers, top scientists and every-day people who simplify the link between climate dynamics and soil science through their personal experiences and knowledge.”

Dr. Margaret Darrow, Department Chair, Mining and Geological Engineering – UAF, is included in the film. “If you look at logs of permafrost, you can see, the temperatures are changing from the top down,” says Dr. Darrow.

Once completed and released, Between Earth and Sky will present an array of findings, but the film’s second trailer specifically highlights the volatility of arctic soils in the presence of climate change. “Audiences will see a scientist ignite escaping methane from a frozen lake,” says Paul Allen Hunton, Director of both the film and Texas Tech Public Television.

The filming crew departs today (Earth Day) on their final trek to Alaska with a focus on capturing Native-Alaskan perspectives and the effects of coastal erosion and sea level rise in remote villages of western Alaska. Production of the film will be complete by August, then featured in numerous film festivals both domestically and internationally. The film will be offered to PBS stations across the country in 2017. “We would love to premiere this film at the Sundance Film Festival, then build momentum from there” says Weindorf. “We have the technology today, to know exactly what we are doing to the planet; people everywhere are going to be mesmerized by the undeniable research presented in this film, and the perspective of those living on the last frontier.”

To view trailers and learn more about the film please visit, #IamBetweenEarthAndSky