Celebrating Texas Women – Double Shots | Music Crossroads of Texas

Mar 10, 2020

Music Crossroads of TexasCelebrating Texas Women – Double Shots 

1. Soul Shake – Angela Strehli2. 20% Alcohol – Angela Strehli3. Daddy was a Preacher and Mama was a Go Go Girl – Betty Jo Bangs4. Journey into Yesterday – Betty Jo Bangs5. Don’t Let My Friends See What You Do – Edna Lee6. Full House – Edna Lee7. I Can Be Your Everything – Gypsy Jayne8. Woe – Gypsy Jayne9. West Texas Heaven – Kimmie Rhodes10. Worthy Cause – Kimmie Rhodes11. Oh Yeah – Lynda Kay12. The Mask – Lynda Kay13. Between 10 and 17 – Stone Sisters14. Te Amo Hawaii Te Amo – Stone Sisters15. Black Water Bayou – Tanya Tucker16. Delta Dawn – Tanya Tucker