Celebrating the Holiday Season with Handel's "Messiah"

Nov 29, 2018

Handel’s “Messiah” is being performed this weekend by the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and the Lubbock Chorale. Dr. John Hollins and David Cho visit with the Front Row to share more about the event.

Dr. Hollins, this is something that happens every year around Christmas. What are some of the things about “Messiah” that make it a favorite?

It’s almost difficult to verbalize, and yet everyone understands exactly why, or what it means…which is truly overwhelming, mind boggling and profound. Our community, for a work to have that kind of a place in the hearts and the life of the community, it’s a rare thing. It’s almost as American as apple pie—dare I say that. And I say that not with with irreverence, but with the opposite.

It speaks so highly in a language that transcends so many barriers in society. It is truly universal and it is truly timeless. It’s familiar and yet profound. So, it’s simple and complex. For all those reasons and many more, it is so near and dear—and it is a part of the season.

David Cho, tell us about your experience with “Messiah.”

It’s such a magical piece that every time you look at it you find something new. What makes it a masterpiece? Again, every time we look at it, it’s different and I told John that a few weeks ago I listened to the recording of “The Messiah” we did together six years ago and I was beating myself up—why did I do that, you know.

We have a completely different view of it every time we look at it. It’s a true genius, in spite of the fact that it was written in a span of 18 days. It’s a miracle. It’s a great story telling. There’s so many possibilities.

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