Bobs & Bobbys | Music Crossroads of Texas

May 17, 2020

Bob Will & his Texas Playboys
Credit University of Missouri / Wikipedia - Public Domain

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, Curtis's theme is Bobs and Bobbys. Selections come from Bob Wills, Bobby Keys, Bob Livingston, Bobby Butler and more. There will be a couple of singles and several double shots. Enjoy this buffet of Bobbys!

The Rolling Stones - March 14, 1971 at the Roundhouse in London. The band features Bobby Keys on saxophone, left
Credit Houston Chronicle
Bob Wills (front) & Tiny Moore (back)
Credit Deke Dickerson / Vintage Guitar Magazine


  1. Ida Red Likes the Boogie - Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys
  2. Take Me Back to Tulsa - Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys
  3. Deep Ellem Blues - Bob Campbell
  4. Rubber Dolly - Bob Skyles & the Skyrockets
  5. Turn Loose & Go to Town - Bob Skyles & the Skyrockets
  6. All I Ever Wanted - Linda Kay Parker duet with Billy Bob Thornton
  7. La Malaguena - Tortilla Factory feat. El Charro Negro (aka Bobby Butler)
  8. Tocando Puertas - Tortilla Factory feat. El Charro Negro (Bobby Butler)
  9. The Usual Thing - Bob Livingston
  10. Android's Lament - Bob Livingston
  11. Green Back Dollar - Bob & his Agents
    Bob Livingston
  12. One Sided - Bob & his Agents 
  13. Monster - Bobby Bookout
  14. Remedy - Bobby Bookout
  15. Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones feat. Bobby Keys
  16. Fingernails - The Liquidators feat. Bobby Keys

Bobby Bookout