Paul Allen Hunton

General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media

Paul Allen Hunton is the General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media, he serves on the Digital Media Advisory Council for PBS Digital and is also a member of the NETA Production Council. He is a 3 time Emmy winning nonfiction filmmaker. He has worked at Texas Tech Public Media since 2011.

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I’ve called the southwest home my entire life. My family’s legacy here stretches back even further. I’m the great grandson of dust bowl farmers, the great-great-great nephew of Texas Ranger Benjamin McCulloch who called Davy Crockett neighbor. New Mexico and Texas are where my roots are.


Game of Thrones has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Based on the unfinished books by George RR Martin, season seven of the TV version, on HBO, has been the most successful yet. 


Texas is home to some of the best filmmakers in the world. Wes Anderson, the hipster king of quirkiness, who continues to create challenging and interesting cinema ever year, sometimes every other year. Richard Linklater, who like a chameleon can make a movie in any genre and any style with any budget...he’s a heck of a nice guy too. Matthew McConaughey, who isn’t a filmmaker, but who I could not write this piece without mentioning. And now emerges David Lowery from Dallas.

Christopher Nolan's newest film, Dunkirk--based on the true story of the evacuation of the French and British soldiers from the sleepy French town during WWII--is the first original film, with no previous intellectual property, franchise or films, to reach number one at the box office this summer. 

Every month 24 Frames features a poetry reading curated and recited by poet and professor at Texas Tech University, John Poch.