Paul Allen Hunton

General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media

Paul Allen Hunton is the General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media, he serves on the Digital Media Advisory Council for PBS Digital and is also a member of the NETA Production Council. He is a 3 time Emmy winning nonfiction filmmaker. He has worked at Texas Tech Public Media since 2011.

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It’s a new year. I hope your 2018 is off to an amazing start. It’s been a pure joy to come to you every Thursday afternoon since 2013 to share what’s going on in arts and entertainment in Lubbock and beyond. However, all good things come to end, or rather evolve into new projects and ideas.

I’ve always used this space to bring you news and information about arts and entertainment in Lubbock, the surrounding area and the world. I’ve tried my best to avoid discussing sports, as every other local news outlet devotes way too much time to men playing games and not nearly enough to other issues and cultural traditions. But today I want to break away and join the chorus by talking about Texas Tech Basketball.

Lady Bird

Fall is here, which is the time cinemas across the country tilt from showing big blockbusters with men in tights saving planet A from Villain B, who is trying to destroy it with a magic rock—a.k.a. every Marvel movie ever.

That’s right, it’s prestige movie season, and boy have we already gotten off to a great start. First and foremost, two really great films that can’t be overlooked have already come out. That’s Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic, Dunkirk, and Jordan Peele’s Horror thriller, Get Out!

The holiday season is upon us, and maybe I’m getting older and grouchier, but the Christmas season has now invaded our lives to the point that—no joke—I saw Christmas lights up the day after Halloween. Halloween! This can’t stand! On October 29th as I made my way to Target to buy last minute candy to hand out to kids dressed as pumpkins, skeletons and Taylor Swift, I found that not only had Halloween—still 3 days away at that point—been relegated to one row and a couple shelves, while the rest of specialty section had already been taken over by Christmas.

Melissa Range
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“Lampblack” by Melissa Range, recited by John Poch.