Betsy Blaney

Producer, KTTZ-FM

Betsy Blaney is a radio producer at Texas Tech Public Media, following a 25-year career in print journalism. Most recently, she was the West Texas solo correspondent for The Associated Press, based in Lubbock for more than 16 years and covering 65 counties in the region.

She interviewed, researched and wrote on myriad topics, including agriculture and water/drought issues, and newsworthy happenings at Texas Tech University. She was also responsible for coverage of the university's football and basketball programs.

Before being transferred to Lubbock, Betsy worked briefly in the AP's office in Dallas. Prior to that, she was a police and courts reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. She started her journalism career in 1991 at The Lewisville News, just north of Dallas, following a 20-year career as a teaching and playing tennis professional. She was a line judge in 1973 in the Houston Astrodome where Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in "The Battle of the Sexes."

Amanda Miller recently spent the summer at Harvard as an Amgen Scholar.
Betsy Blaney

Amanda Miller didn’t have Texas Tech on her radar until her father brought her to Lubbock to see where he got his degree. Once she felt the good vibes, she says she knew the university was a great fit for her and her studies. Miller recently spent the summer at Harvard as an Amgen Scholar.

"The Texas Liberator: Witness to the Holocaust" exhibition.
Betsy Blaney

Texas Tech Museum’s executive director Gary Morgan says the new “Texas Liberator: Witness to the Holocaust” exhibit gives a side of the war usually presented by generals, presidents and those in power.

“This exhibit looks much more at the impacts on those servicemen, those Texans when they came into those concentration camps and saw what can only be described as hell on earth,” he says.

Justin Louder, the associate vice provost of eLearning.
Kaysie Ellingson

Texas Tech has been doing distance learning since the mid 1960s. Not like it’s done now of course. These days it happens online and at various sites outside of Lubbock. And there are courses that people over 50 can take so that learning continues.

Justin Louder, the associate vice provost of eLearning, says Texas Tech began distance learning programs more than 50 years ago. And the method was unusual.

Kaysie Ellingson

Mental illness bleeds far beyond the general population in the US. Those serving time in Texas Criminal Justice Department prisons also suffer with various diagnoses. At Lubbock’s Montford Unit, some of those with mental illness have art as part of their therapy.

The detail and symmetry in one inmate’s drawings is stunning. He draws wildlife only - animals, birds, reptiles. Health law prohibits naming him. He’s identified on small white cards in front of his creations by only his age, 36, and his diagnosis - major depressive disorder.

Kaysie Ellingson

The female researcher saw white powder coming from the small, cardboard box and immediately took action reporting the incident to authorities.

That’s the first step whenever there’s a potential biohazard spill of an unknown substance or fluid. Fortunately, this recent incident was a full-blown practice exercise at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health.