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Junior Medlow | Music Crossroads of Texas

This week's Music Crossroads is sure to have you up out of your seat dancin' as Curtis celebrates the life and music of Junior Medlow. Enjoy this show, dedicated to West Texas favorite, Jr Medlow.  


Credit Chris Duarte
Jr Medlow

  1.   Bad Luck Situation  - Sweetleaf - Live at the Cotton Club 1974
  2. I'm Down  - Sweetleaf
  3. I've Got a Feeling  - Sweetleaf
  4. Sing a Simple Song - Sweetleaf
  5. Further on up the Road - Denny Freeman & the Cobras - Live at the Continental Club
  6. Cleopatra - Chris Duarte & the Bad Boys
  7. Mannish Boy Live - Cotton Club Revival Concert 1993
  8. It Sho' is a Movie to Me - Jr Medlow
  9. (I'll Be) The First to Let You Know - Jr Medlow
  10. See See Baby - Jr Medlow
  11. Checkin' On My Baby - Jr Medlow
  12. Thrill for Thrill - Jr Medlow