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MCOT: Family Connections

Terry Allen's album, Bloodlines.
Terry Allen's album, Bloodlines.

Music Crossroads of Texas Playlist: Family Connections

“Are You Sure Hank Done it this way?” – Waylon Jennings
“Southern Comfort” – Shooter Jennings
“Sorry” – Junior Vasquez
“Makin’ What I make” – Tori Vasquez
“Cotton Pickin” – Wally Moyers
“Don’t Fret” – Wally Moyers, Jr.
“Red, Hot, & Blue” – Lloyd Maines
“Trained” – Natalie Maines
“There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California” - Terry Allen
“Flying Away” – Bukka Allen
“Mobile Line (France Blues)” – Jimmy Dale Gilmore
“Laughing Hard or Crying” – Colin Gilmore
“(I’ll Be) The First to Let You Know” – Larry Junior Medlow Williams
“Fire Red” – Michael Williams