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Lubbock-Con Becomes a Local Hit!

Last Saturday Lubbock was under nerds! Lubbock-Con 2016 opened its doors at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center and became an instant cultural hit! With thousands of people showing up and showing off in their best Cosplay, one can only call the brain-child of local Nerd Queen, DeNae Griffith, a total success. 

The event held exhibits for people with many different tastes, as Griffith wanted Lubbock-Con to cater to "every kind of nerd". There were rooms designated purely for gaming (board and video), rooms for panels to discuss everything from comic books, local programs like 24 Frames, or how to design your own video game. There was even a room where Cosplayers could take a break and spruce up their costumes with available hairspray and make-up.

The highlights of the day were the Miss Lubbock-Con and Best Cosplayer contests, as contestants put on their best performances as their characters and got the audience to play along. Cosplayers and curious bystanders alike all joined together to rally behind their favorites. The rest of the event space held a large room with vendors selling everything from Cosplay costumes, collectable games and action figures, clothing, comic art, and vintage comic books. 

Operating at almost full capacity throughout the entire day, it's safe to say that Lubbock-Con has become a local highlight and fan-favorite. DeNae Griffith and her team created something special for this town, and the people of Lubbock can't wait for more. Until then, they crawl back behind their comic books and video games...awaiting next year's return.