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Lubbock-Con 2016 is Finally Here

Hide your comics! Hide your video games! Lubbock-Con 2016 is finally here and the nerds have followed!

Thanks to the tireless effort of Lubbock-Con's founder and chief-nerd, DeNae Griffith, Lubbock has now joined a list of cities that hold their own comic-cons throughout the year. KTTZ sat down to talk to the brain behind the event and get some insider details about tomorrow!

KTTZ: So what made you decide to start a comic-con here in Lubbock?

GRIFFITH: I always say this but, really, it started with five guys in my living room who just happened to love nerd culture as much as I did. I also happened to become friends with the owner of a comic book store around here, but I asked if there was ever any type of nerd-culture event in town. The response was, "No, but if you want to try go ahead," so I did.

KTTZ: What makes Lubbock-Con different than other cons around the country?

GRIFFITH: We are different because we are more community-driven. That's why we also wanted to call it 'Lubbock-Con' instead of another comic-con because we want to build a community of all types of nerds. Local artists and vendors will have booths, including one for 24 Frames. We're even having an all-inclusive video game room with vintage video games, and cool panels with an academic room where professors will be talking about comic books.

KTTZ: You've already done such an amazing job putting all of this together...

GRIFFITH: It's crazy, we have technically already outgrown ourselves three times over! We had enough content and enough people interested that we could have held Lubbock-Con over three days, but we ultimately decided one day would be enough for now.

KTTZ: That sounds pretty cool! Are there any other things you're excited about?

GRIFFITH: I basically took all the things I liked from other cons and added them to this one. We'll be doing a Ms. Lubbock-Con Contest, and a Cosplay contest where people can perform a skit if they want. There's also a Cosplay Hideaway where cosplayers can go to rest, but there'll be Q-Tips, hairspray, and other things in there so they can spruce up their costumes during the day. Basically, what I wanted from this was fans hanging out with fans and creating a sense of community. 

Lubbock-Con will be held tomorrow at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center from 9am to 8pm! Due to the amount of people coming to the event, parking will be tricky so try to show up early. Tickets are $15 and can still be purchased at the door or through Select-A-Seat.

There will also be a Lubbock-Con After Party from 9pm-2am at the Backstage Lubbock Depot District. Tickets are only $1 to get in and cosplay is encouraged!