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New Drive-Thru COVID Clinic Opens in Wolfforth

Covenant Health System opened a new drive-thru clinic this week at the Peoples Bank Stadium outside of Frenship High School. Three checkpoints are posted in the converted parking lot, one reads registration, triage and the final discharge. A group of nurses gather in the triage tent, one is getting her assignment for her shift, the other is signing out.

“Basically the theory behind the clinics is it allows us to test and care for the patients,” says Covenant Health System...

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Beyond the Report | The Status of Women in Lubbock

Beyond the Report is an annual digital-first anthology series designed to take a deep look at issues surrounding the Lubbock community. More at

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Local writer with COVID-19 talks about his first hand experience

On March 16, local writer Tomas Mooney woke up with a tickle in his throat, he was worried but not panicked. But by Wednesday, with the addition of a fever and body aches, his concern started to rise. “I started having a little bit of concern and some anxiety attached to it just because you automatically go to the worst possible scenario. Initially, I was very concerned and scared and I tried to get tested and I wasn’t able to because I didn’t fit the specific criteria at that time. So I just...

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The City of Lubbock confirmed 21 new cases of COVID-19 and 1 additional death in a press release on April 3, 2020. This brings the county’s cases total to 138 with 4 deaths.

From the City of Lubbock:

“The City of Lubbock has confirmed 21 new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and one additional death, as of 4:00 p.m. on April 3, 2020. The total number of cases in Lubbock County is 138 with four deaths. However, 20 cases are now listed as recovered.*

The Lubbock City Council passed a resolution to extend Mayor Dan Pope’s Declaration of Disaster to April 30, 2020, in conjunction with Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order. The resolution also allows for the Lubbock Health Department to control occupancy guidelines for essential services.

During the City Council meeting, council-members took citizen comments, the first of which raised concern for small businesses deemed non-essential. Small business owners, Benny and Paula Jackson, owners of Stems by Benny Jackson expressed their concern in an email to the City Council.

First Friday Art Trail Cancelled due to COVID Outbreak

Apr 3, 2020

This April will be only the second time in the First Friday Art Trail has been cancelled in its 16 year history. The first time was from an ice storm a few years back. Lindsey Maestri, the executive director of the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA), explains that this is a big deal. She recalls the point they knew they would have to cancel. “As more and more public events started getting limited, down to 200, down to 50, we knew we had to make that decision.”

Today the City of Lubbock confirmed 9 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the total for the county to 117. 

From the City of Lubbock:

"The City of Lubbock has confirmed nine new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as of 4:00 p.m. on April 2, 2020. The total number of cases in Lubbock County is 117 with three deaths. However, 12 cases are now listed as recovered.*

Lubbock announced it’s third COVID-19 related death along with 8 new confirmed cases. This brings the total number of cases in Lubbock County up to 108.

From the City of Lubbock:

“The City of Lubbock has confirmed eight new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and one additional death as of 5:00 p.m. on April 1, 2020. The total number of cases in Lubbock County is 108 with three deaths. However, ten cases are now listed as recovered. 

On a normal evening, before social distancing was a thing, a class size at the YogaStand would have held a dozen or so students. But once the coronavirus hit Lubbock, attendance dwindled to a single student. Eventually classes were cancelled. Now they’ve moved to strictly virtual session. Haley Bevers, the owner of the YogaStand in Lubbock, shares what this transition has been like for her.

Lubbock County reached 100 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 today as the city reports 23 new cases. The city also confirmed its second death related to the disease. In a press release the city said that most of the cases are related to the outbreak at the Whisperwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

From the City of Lubbock:

“The City of Lubbock has confirmed 23 new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and one additional death as of 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020. The total number of cases in Lubbock County is 100 with two deaths.

COVID-19 has initiated a search for answers to the limited supply of basic personal protective equipment, or PPE, required for health care providers who are on the front line fighting the disease.

Although this pandemic is global, local solutions regarding the potential shortages of masks and ventilators are being generated by a task force in the Lubbock area.

Lauren Hodges has made a career out of photographing one of life’s most intimate moments: Child birth. “I love capturing real emotions in my images,” she says, “And with birth, there’s no faking that.”

Scrolling through Lophotobirth’s Instagram feed, you’ll find pregnant mothers clutching the hands of their spouse as they breathe through contractions and new parents cuddling their newborns. But one series of photos stands out among the rest. It’s a new type of intimate Hodges has captured: Lubbock families in the midst of COVID-19.

Lubbock has just reported it's highest single day increase in cases of COVID-19. There were 26 new confirmed cases today bringing the total count for the county up to 77.

From the City of Lubbock


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