Montford Unit

Anita Reyna
Kaysie Ellingson

Anita Reyna grew up in California and moved to Lubbock, TX to attend Lubbock Christian College. Her interest in social work started at young age with a passion for listening to people. She recalls her fascination of listening to her parents talk with people from around the country, when she became, what she deems, a student of conversation.

ITT: Inmates Find Self-Expression Through Art

Kaysie Ellingson

Mental illness bleeds far beyond the general population in the US. Those serving time in Texas Criminal Justice Department prisons also suffer with various diagnoses. At Lubbock’s Montford Unit, some of those with mental illness have art as part of their therapy.

The detail and symmetry in one inmate’s drawings is stunning. He draws wildlife only - animals, birds, reptiles. Health law prohibits naming him. He’s identified on small white cards in front of his creations by only his age, 36, and his diagnosis - major depressive disorder.