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Rob Weiner is the associate librarian and pop culture expert at Texas Tech.
Kaysie Ellingson

“Halloween is the most popular holiday next to Christmas…and I’ll tell you why: Because it’s fun.”

That’s the take of Texas Tech University’s Rob Weiner, a pop culture expert and associate librarian who knows his horror flicks. He believes that people like to be scared, that it’s cathartic and makes Halloween a frightening delight to many.

Horror and Halloween aren’t exactly like two peas in a pod but almost. Yes, kids love to dress up in a favorite costume and go door to door to trick-or-treat – a throwback to what Halloween used to be.

Students talk to Curtis Francisco.
Betsy Blaney

For two months, the seven students enrolled in Texas Tech’s Land Arts of the American West course travel to places in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Texas where humankind’s imprint remains, often in detrimental ways.

The students emerge groggily from their tents. Chilly air helps them awaken following their first of almost 50 nights of camping over two months. Breakfast smells waft across the campsite.

Betsy Blaney

The Texas Tech classroom for Chris Taylor’s Land Arts of the American West course is immense. For a semester he guides a group of students to five Southwestern states. They camp and go to beautiful spaces, some of which have ugly pasts.

Darkness creeps over the campsite inside Cebolla Canyon about 100 miles west of Albuquerque. A waxing moon casts muted light as seven students from across the country and the globe, associate architecture professor Chris Taylor and a field guest circle up their slack-backed chairs.

Literary Lubbock Facebook Page

Lubbock bibliophiles are sure to be filled with delight as Texas Tech University Press and the University Libraries put on a second annual Literary Lubbock’s “A Night with Authors,” which will followed by the city’s inaugural book festival.

Later this month, those who love Texas Tech University Press authored books can meet and chat with writers at Literary Lubbock’s second annual “A Night with Authors.”

Andrew Hinton, archivist at the Vietnam Center and Archive
Betsy Blaney

As warfare continues in the Middle East and elsewhere, it’s important to understand the dynamics of how battles for territory are carried out. There are times that wars aren’t between just two sides. There are now insurgent forces and counter insurgent forces participating when nations wage conflicts.

The study of warfare can illustrate much. And it’s important to learn from the past in order to inform the future. That’s the aim of the second Annual Symposium on Modern Warfare, which is set for Friday at the International Cultural Center on the Texas Tech campus.