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Faith Matters, a ground breaking local program, hosted by Tom McGovern. Faith Matters promises to spark thought and conversation through dynamic dialogue about Faith.

Faith Matters dives into everyday issues. This isn’t church on the radio; this is your friends and neighbors sharing stories of faith and perseverance.  Tom McGovern's distinguished career includes the Professor of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality.

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Jana Hunter visits with Tom McGovern on this episode of Faith Matters. She is currently working on a book depicting the life and legacy of Ted and Betty Dotts.

This week’s guest on Faith Matters is Dr. Robert Salem, chief medical officer emeritus of Covenant Health System.

Dr. Salem reflects on his career of 56 years.

Jack Sacco with his book, "Where the Birds Never Sing."
Kaysie Ellingson

Author Jack Sacco, in his book "Where the Birds Never Sing," tells the tale of an American GI in World War II through the eyes of his father, Joe Sacco--a farm boy who ultimately survived the chaos of Normandy.

He visits with Tom McGovern to share more about his book and his life on this episode of Faith Matters.

Rev. Stephanie Nash
Second Baptist website

Rev. Stephanie Nash, Interim Pastor of Second Baptist Church, shares her journey of how she was called work in the congregation on this episode of Faith Matters

Dr. Aliza Wong is the Associate Dean of the Honors College, and Associate Professor of History and the Director of European Studies at Texas Tech University. She is the guest on this episode of Faith Matters.