Meet the Team: DeNae Griffith

Mar 20, 2017

KTTZ TV is continuing our MEET THE TEAM spotlight, where you can get to know a little more about the people who make all the magic happen at your local PBS station! Meet DeNae Griffith, Membership Coordinator at KTTZ!

If you were given a time machine, where and when would you go?

I would travel to the 1950s France and go shopping. The clothing was so amazing and 1950s Paris was super gorgeous!  

What community activities are you involved in? 

I am the President of a local non-profit organization called Panhandle Popculture Ventures. We do events year round for the nerd community, most notably our annual convention Lubbock-Con. It has been such an incredible experience and an honor to help grow and support geeks of West Texas 

What song best describes your personality?

I will say "Non-Stop" from the musical Hamilton! I never take no for an answer!


I moved back to Lubbock 2 1/2 years ago to make a difference and be a part of a growing community. KTTZ offers me so many opportunities to be actively involved with the arts and culture of Lubbock. Plus, who doesn't love Mr Rogers??