Inside Texas Tech: TTU Ranked Among Top Universities for Social Media Use

Jun 26, 2015

Texas Tech was recognized for the use of Facebook - a skill that's increasingly necessary in 2015.

Social media in 2015 has a massive influence worldwide – Facebook has well over a billion users, Twitter has over 200 million users, Instagram has 300 million and newcomer Snapchat is nearing 200 million users.

Because of these enormous numbers, social media has become a way of life in 2015. If you’ve got a message to send, social media is the way to do it. Amid the tweets, snaps and likes, Texas Tech is using social media to get heard – and using it well, according to a new ranking by social technology tracker Engagement Labs.

Tech was ranked among the top 50 universities for its Facebook performance in particular, which social media Guru Allison Matherly says is a haven for Tech alumni.