The Front Row: Origin Stories

Nov 28, 2017

Ali Duffy, Creator, found and artistic director, from Flatlands Dance Theatre, joins the Front Row to talk about their upcoming performance, “Origin Stories: An Exploration of Ancestry Through Dance.”

What is the Flatlands Dance Theatre.

Flatlands Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance company. We are a professional dance company here in Lubbock. We’ve been in existence since 2010. We primarily perform contemporary dance, but we also dabble in contemporary ballet, and jazz, and musical theatre. And we produce two full concerts a year and we also have community engagement initiatives and education that we offer to children around Lubbock.

So this like many other organizations, this group operates outside the university, is that right?

That’s correct for the most part. We also have an apprentice company and the apprentices are dance students here at Texas Tech. So it’s a great way to partner with our dance program since our dance program is so generous in letting us use their spaces for dance rehearsals sometimes. We thought it would be a nice was to adjunct their dance programs by providing them opportunities with Flatlands.

Tell us about the upcoming performance.

Well it’s called “Origin Stories,” and it’s going to be seven premiere dance works by the choreographers of Flatlands, performed by Flatlands theatre. This concert is really focused on family stories, ancestry, lineage, we even go into the biology of genetics—what it is to pass a gene down through families.

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