Between Earth and Sky: Meet the Crew: Weston Davis

Aug 7, 2015

Weston Davis has worked at KTTZ-TV in many different capacities. He started as an intern and showed great potential as a professional in the film and video production industry. Weston's goal is to be a feature film director and he has made great strides in working toward that end. As an intern Weston was a self starter who could handle anything thrown at him, from editing video into a story, to producing and shooting his own pieces, Weston is a natural storyteller. 

On the production of Between Earth and Sky Weston serves as the lead Production Assistant but does so much more. Keeping track of the small details like equipment packing, getting behind the lens and operating a camera, and giving input into the overall narrative, are all ways that Weston has contributed. He also is a road warrior and packs a mean playlist reminding everyone in the production how great the 70s were with jams from Fleetwood Mac and John Denver. 

Weston has a great sense of humor and is easy to get along with which are all assets in a production as strenuous and long as this one is. He has a few more semesters at Texas Tech University before he graduates but he is already crafting his future. This film wouldn't be the same without his contributions.