Tom McGovern

Host of Faith Matters

Tom McGovern's distinguished career includes the Professor of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality.

Father David Cruz was recently appointed founding pastor of a new Catholic parish in South Lubbock. He visits on this episode of Faith Matters to share about his life in Lubbock and plans for the future.

Dr. Cynthia Jumper works for the Texas Tech University Health and Sciences Center as the Vice President of Health Policy, Associate Dean of Health Services Management as well as professor of internal medicine. She joins this episode of Faith Matters to talk about the upcoming Sex Trafficking Allied Response Summit.

Giles McCrary was an oilman, a rancher, an art collector and a world traveler. On his treks across the globe he bought plenty of souvenirs, many of which now grace the OS Museum in Post.

McCrary, who died in 2011, also was a WW II Army veteran. From 1969 until 1991, he served as mayor of Post, where residents honored him and Citizen of the year in 1985.

Known for his generosity and philanthropy, McCrary often paid tuition, room and board and books for several West Texans who wanted to attend Texas Tech.

Ashley Wilkerson
Kaysie Ellingson

On this episode of Faith Matters, Tom McGovern visits with Ashley Wilkerson. As a native to Lubbock, she grew up on the East side. She returns to Lubbock following the tragic murder of her brother, to attend the sentencing of the man who committed the murder.

Salem witch trials.
Public Domain

Rebecca Sleeper Irons has roots that run back to the Mayflower. From their settlement on Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Salem Witch trials, Rebecca's mother has traced these stories through history. On this week's Faith Matters, we finish up our two-part series depicting Rebecca's family history.