Paul Allen Hunton

General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media

Paul Allen Hunton is the General Manager of Texas Tech Public Media, he serves on the Digital Media Advisory Council for PBS Digital and is also a member of the NETA Production Council. He is a 3 time Emmy winning nonfiction filmmaker. He has worked at Texas Tech Public Media since 2011.

Ways to Connect

We are proud to announce that KTTZ-TV won 2 EMMYs for "Guns Up: The History of Raider Red" and "Put Me To Suffering," a short documentary about former St. John's pastor Ted Dotts and his wife Betty. It is an honor to share the stories of the people of Lubbock and Texas Tech University. Thank you for your support!

Weston Davis has worked at KTTZ-TV in many different capacities. He started as an intern and showed great potential as a professional in the film and video production industry. Weston's goal is to be a feature film director and he has made great strides in working toward that end. As an intern Weston was a self starter who could handle anything thrown at him, from editing video into a story, to producing and shooting his own pieces, Weston is a natural storyteller. 

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska — In a new study published today, scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey found that the remote northern Alaska coast has some of the highest shoreline erosion rates in the world. Analyzing over half a century of shoreline change data, scientists found the pattern is extremely variable with most of the coast retreating at rates of more than 1 meter a year.  

Jonathan Seaborn serves as Co-Director on Between Earth and Sky. He came to Texas Tech Public Media in September of 2014 and has already had a huge impact on the production of 24 Frames, Inside Texas Tech, as well as the many other films and projects that KTTZ-TV produces. 

When Between Earth and Sky came to Texas Tech Public Media the question was asked, "who wants to go to Alaska?" Yet, before it was even explained why, Jon's hand shot up. He's an adventurer who loves a challenge and exceeds with his leadership and skill behind the camera.