Inside Texas Tech: Media Maze

The messages kids get from their media consumption need an interpreter. And, no surprise, that translator ought to be a parent, who isn’t always well-versed in how to navigate the landscape. But research shows that just sitting at kids’ sides while they watch media can help youths increase their understanding and heighten their learning readiness.

“If we want to create a generation of media-literate kids, we have to first create a generation of media-literate adults,” Eric...

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Renowned climate scientist and TTU professor, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, will be part of the first Presidential Lecture and Performance Series on Oc.t 12, to discuss climate change.

Inside Texas Tech: Presidential Lecture & Performance Series

There will something for most everyone in the upcoming 13th season of Texas Tech’s Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. The lineup has music, contemporary dance, some comical Shakespeare and a discussion of possible solutions to climate change.

Jo Moore, director of the series, says this year’s opening event on Friday, Oct. 12, features world-renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, a professor at Texas Tech who leads the university’s Climate Science Center. She’ll...

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Noche de Tango: May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Noche de Tango Playlist: May 18, 2018

Tanda 1 – Jose Garcia
“El Mentiroso”
“De Corte Antiguo”
“Cuna de Tango”
“A Lo Mejor Quien te Dice”
“Calla Bandoneon”

Tanda 2 – Jose Basso
“El Lloron”
“Sabado Ingles”
“Don Juan”
“Ahi Va El Dulce”

Tanda 3 – Sexteto Pablo Valle & Para Siempre 2017
“Para Siempre”
“Tus Labios Me Diran”
“Pata Ancha”

Betsy Blaney

Researchers across the Texas Tech University System have the opportunity to take their inventions or discoveries to the commercial marketplace and get a sizable financial benefit. David Snow, the senior managing director of the Office of Research Commercialization, says the ultimate goal is to help society.

Noche de Tango: May 11, 2018

May 16, 2018

Noche de Tango: May 11, 2018

Tanda 1 – Hombres de Tango, Leopoldo Federico & Roberto Grela
“Nunca Tuvo Novio”
“Don Juan”
“Minguito Tinguitella”
“A La Guardia Nueva”

Tanda 2 – Troilo, Alberto Marino & Floreal Ruiz
“Adios Pampa Mia”
“Caminito del Tucuman”
“Milonga en Rojo”
“Cimarron de Ausencia”
“El Desafio”

Noche de Tango: May 4, 2018

May 16, 2018

Noche de Tango Playlist: May 4, 2018


Tanda 1 – Anibal Troillo & Floreal Ruiz
“De Todo te Olvidas”
“Amor y Tango”

Tand 2 – Aldolfo Beron
“9 de Julio”
“Color de Gris”

Tand 3 – Fabio Hager Sexteto
“De Apile”
“Logia Tanguera”
“Encanto Rojo”

Tanda 4 – Francisco Lomunto
“Copa de Ajenjo”
“Becan Fulero”
“Como Los Nardos en Flor”
“Cuando Llora la Milonga”

Thomas Mann practices stacking upside down plastic cups upward in a pyramid shape. Then he unstacks them. Quickness in each direction and improving his times are the goals. The 11-year-old has only been cup stacking since early 2017, learning most of his technique from watching on YouTube. At the Mann home in south Lubbock, the hollow, rapid kerplunking sound coming from Thomas’ bedroom is a regular happening.

Lubbock Chorale
Lubbock Chorale Facebook Page

The Lubbock Chorale is presenting a concert this weekend and its music is all about Venice. Dr. John Hollins, Artistic Director of the Lubbock Chorale, visits with The Front Row to share more about the event.

Tell us about this entity as opposed to your duties at the school of music.

“There has been some action on every item that’s been brought up, either planning hasn’t been implemented, a time frame for the when the next steps may be taken, but I can assure you, it’s just not sitting in a drawer,” Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech’s President, says.

Before becoming the university’s 16th president in 2016, he taught in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Like all faculty, he was required to have office hours, where he’d meet and discuss academic issues with students. He’s now decided to carry that notion into his role as head of the university.

Flatlands DanceTheatre Facebook Page

The Flatlands DanceTheatre is giving a performance this weekend that fits perfectly with Mother’s Day. Ali Duffy, associate professor of dance, joins the Front Row to give more information.

Tell us about how Flatlands DanceTheatre is different from the school of dance and what it actually does.

West Texas Education Project Facebook Page.

A graduate student at the Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance launched a collaborative project between the school of theatre and dance, Odessa College and Odessa’s Globe Theatre. Alec Williams, graduate student, visits with the Front Row to talk about that collaboration.

Tell us about you and your background, and what brought you to Texas Tech.

Dr. Aliza Wong is the Associate Dean of the Honors College, and Associate Professor of History and the Director of European Studies at Texas Tech University. She is the guest on this episode of Faith Matters.


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