Inside Texas Tech: Chancellor Duncan on Campus Growth (pt. 1)

Texas Tech’s enrollment numbers will continue to climb and university officials are working to ensure the rate at which the school grows doesn’t sacrifice quality. The system’s chancellor, Robert Duncan, says the right balance is important.

Just more than 37,000 students enrolled at Texas Tech University last fall. In the fall of 1997, the number of undergraduate and graduate students stood at around 25,022. That’s more than a 32 percent increase in 20 years.

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Tom McGovern, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way.
Rachel Boyd

Faith Matters: A Tribute to Robert Burns

On this episode of Faith Matters, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way discuss the upcoming fifth annual Robert Burns supper, celebrating Scottish heritage.

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21st Lubbock Artist Studio Tour

Nov 6, 2017

The Lubbock Artist Studio Tour is celebrating its 21st year! This event is the biggest exposure artists can have in this city to showcase a body of their work — and it serves as a “pat on the back” for them to keep making art. ​

Each location provides a mix of artists working in various mediums. You will encounter ceramics, fiber, fused glass, jewelry, miniatures, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, stringed instruments and wood.

On this two-part episode of Faith Matters, author, Janet Neugebauer, talks about the 12 years it took to write her book, "A Witness to History," a biography of West Texas Congressman, George H. Mahon.

Weekly Main Feature: This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, your host, Curtis Peoples, celebrates Hispanic Heritage in West Texas music.

“Cookin” – Tortilla Factory
“La Malaguena” – Tortilla Factory
“Homenaje A Pete Morales” – Pete Morales
“La Patatida” – Pete Morales
“Making What I Make” – Tori & Junior Vasquez
“Sorry” – Junior Vasquez
“Ainda Lembro” – Jerry Serrano
“Panhandle Confessional” – Dave Martinez

  Women of West Texas Music: This week we play music by the band New Variety featuring Agnes Torres.

Christopher Koch
Drury University website

Participants in the Baroque performance join the Front Row today. They include Jeffery Lastrapes, professor of cello; Susanna Self, adjunct professor of flute; and Christopher Koch, music director of the Springfield Regional Opera.

Christopher Koch, tell us a little bit about yourself, you’re a guest artist coming in to play a concert.

Courtesy of Texas Tech University

Eleven years ago, Texas Tech’s public art was named one of the top 10 collections at US colleges and universities by Public Art Review. And as more buildings are added to the 1,839-acre campus in coming years, so too will the number of art pieces. That’s thanks to a 1998 Board of Regents initiative.

The Texas Tech campus has 202 pieces in its Public Art Collection; 89 of those were funded through an initiative started in 1998 by the Board of Regents.

Gerald Dolter is professor of voice at Texas Tech University.
Kaysie Ellingson

Gerald Dolter, professor of voice at the Texas Tech University School of Music, joins the Front Row to talk about the upcoming production of The Mikado.

This week is Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. How did this come up as a piece to do this semester?

Melissa Range
Justus Poehls (Published on

“Lampblack” by Melissa Range, recited by John Poch.

His grandfather was the last emperor and king of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his father was the last Crown Prince of the Austrian Empire and one of the founders of the European Union. But His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Georg von Habsburg doesn’t rest on his family’s history. He currently serves as ambassador-at-large in the office of the President of Hungary, and has expertise in European politics and business.

Lee Turner, vice president for mission integration at Covenant Health Lubbock, joins Tom McGovern on this episode of Faith Matters.

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, your host, Curtis Peoples, will look at the 2017 West Texas Walk of Fame inductees J.T. Braxton, Tom Braxton, and Johnny Ray Watson. Other show segments will also feature West Texas Walk of Fame inductees.

Women of West Texas Music: This week we feature blues musician and historian Angela Strehli.

West Texas Music Standards: This week’s music standard is Virgil Johnson.


Music Crossroads of Texas

On Music Crossroads of Texas we finish up our two-part feature of talented guitarists of West Texas.

Faces of KTTZ

Meet the faces that make up the team at KTTZ-Texas Tech Public Media.