Inside Texas Tech: Media Maze

The messages kids get from their media consumption need an interpreter. And, no surprise, that translator ought to be a parent, who isn’t always well-versed in how to navigate the landscape. But research shows that just sitting at kids’ sides while they watch media can help youths increase their understanding and heighten their learning readiness.

“If we want to create a generation of media-literate kids, we have to first create a generation of media-literate adults,” Eric...

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Renowned climate scientist and TTU professor, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, will be part of the first Presidential Lecture and Performance Series on Oc.t 12, to discuss climate change.

Inside Texas Tech: Presidential Lecture & Performance Series

There will something for most everyone in the upcoming 13th season of Texas Tech’s Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. The lineup has music, contemporary dance, some comical Shakespeare and a discussion of possible solutions to climate change.

Jo Moore, director of the series, says this year’s opening event on Friday, Oct. 12, features world-renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, a professor at Texas Tech who leads the university’s Climate Science Center. She’ll...

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Texas Tech Public Media, Now Hiring Development Manager

Jun 7, 2018

Texas Tech Public Media is currently looking to fill the position of Development Manager.


Requisition ID: 14308BR

Major/Essential Functions:

Texas is home to Moody Gardens, a fun, educational experience for the whole family. Jerri Hamacheck and Kevin Aguilar from Moody Gardens visit with the Front Row to share more about this exciting destination.

Jerri, tell us a little bit about Moody Gardens for someone who may not know what that is.

The Stroke Aphasia Recovery Program at Texas Tech’s Health Sciences Center is now 20 years old and the growth of the community outreach effort reflects the need for Lubbock area residents who’ve exhausted their health coverage benefits. The program helps people continue therapy toward recovering their ability to speak, understand, read write and calculate.

Weekly Main Feature: This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, your host, Curtis Peoples, celebrates Hispanic Heritage in West Texas music.

“Cookin” – Tortilla Factory
“La Malaguena” – Tortilla Factory
“Homenaje A Pete Morales” – Pete Morales
“La Patatida” – Pete Morales
“Making What I Make” – Tori & Junior Vasquez
“Sorry” – Junior Vasquez
“Ainda Lembro” – Jerry Serrano
“Panhandle Confessional” – Dave Martinez

  Women of West Texas Music: This week we play music by the band New Variety featuring Agnes Torres.

Rev. Stephanie Nash
Second Baptist website

Rev. Stephanie Nash, Interim Pastor of Second Baptist Church, shares her journey of how she was called work in the congregation on this episode of Faith Matters

Noche de Tango: May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018

Noche de Tango Playlist: Tango Llaneros
“El Primero”

Tanda 1
“Comme Il Faut”
“El Pollo Ricardo”
“El Recodo”

Tanda 2
“Black Magic Tango”
“Adios Nonino”

Tanda 3
“Milonga Sentimental”

Tanda 4
“La Yumba”
“La Cumparsita”

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, your host, Curtis Peoples, will look at the 2017 West Texas Walk of Fame inductees J.T. Braxton, Tom Braxton, and Johnny Ray Watson. Other show segments will also feature West Texas Walk of Fame inductees.

Women of West Texas Music: This week we feature blues musician and historian Angela Strehli.

West Texas Music Standards: This week’s music standard is Virgil Johnson.

Texana Dames Album
Texana Dames Album Cover

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas we will wrap up this look at some of the songs about cities and town in West Texas.

  Three of this week’s recurring segments focus on the Tommy and Charlene Hancock Family.

  Women of West Texas Music: This week’s feature is the Texana Dames.

  West Texas Music Standards: This week’s West Texas Music Standard is Tommy X Hancock.

  West Texas Live Shots: Music from one of the Texana Dames live album featuring songs from one CD of their Months and Months of Sundays CD releases.

A little brown bat affected by white nose syndrome.
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region

“It’s one of the worst things I’ve every seen.” That was the reaction of Nate Fuller, a Texas Tech post-doctoral researcher in biological sciences, when he saw at least 10,000 dead hibernating bats on a cave floor years ago. All died from white nose syndrome, a disease that has decimated more than 5.5 million bats across North America.

Anna Whitlock Henry plays the flute while she undergoes brain surgery.
Photo courtesy of Texas Medical Center

Anna Whitlock Henry is playing her flute again. Now, though, she’s doing it without hand tremors she’s suffered since she was in high school. She vows to dedicate her first concert to the doctors who made it possible. And for whom she played a not-so-typical concert in the operating room at Memorial Hermann Hospital at Houston’s Texas Medical Center in late March.


Music Crossroads of Texas

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas we listen to the productions that came out of Norman Petty Studios.

Faces of KTTZ

Meet the faces that make up the team at KTTZ-Texas Tech Public Media.