Inside Texas Tech: Chancellor Duncan on Campus Growth (pt. 1)

Texas Tech’s enrollment numbers will continue to climb and university officials are working to ensure the rate at which the school grows doesn’t sacrifice quality. The system’s chancellor, Robert Duncan, says the right balance is important.

Just more than 37,000 students enrolled at Texas Tech University last fall. In the fall of 1997, the number of undergraduate and graduate students stood at around 25,022. That’s more than a 32 percent increase in 20 years.

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Tom McGovern, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way.
Rachel Boyd

Faith Matters: A Tribute to Robert Burns

On this episode of Faith Matters, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way discuss the upcoming fifth annual Robert Burns supper, celebrating Scottish heritage.

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The annual Carol of Lights and Carol Concert are taking place this Friday on the Texas Tech campus. To talk about the event, two of the directors, Dr. Carolyn Cruse and Jonathon Barranco, of the ensemble visited with The Front Row.

Dr. Carolyn Cruse, Tell us about the concert and what viewers can expect.

This is a very exciting Christmas tradition, for Texas Tech and the entire Lubbock community. The Carol of Lights is at memorial circle in the center, in the heart, of the university and takes place starting at 7p.m. this Friday night.

Lady Bird

Fall is here, which is the time cinemas across the country tilt from showing big blockbusters with men in tights saving planet A from Villain B, who is trying to destroy it with a magic rock—a.k.a. every Marvel movie ever.

That’s right, it’s prestige movie season, and boy have we already gotten off to a great start. First and foremost, two really great films that can’t be overlooked have already come out. That’s Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic, Dunkirk, and Jordan Peele’s Horror thriller, Get Out!

Flatlands Dance Company rehearses for their upcoming performance.
Kaysie Ellingson

Ali Duffy, Creator, found and artistic director, from Flatlands Dance Theatre, joins the Front Row to talk about their upcoming performance, “Origin Stories: An Exploration of Ancestry Through Dance.”

What is the Flatlands Dance Theatre.

Weekly Main Feature: This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, your host, Curtis Peoples, will play music from West Texas singers and songwriters. 

Women of West Texas Music: This week we feature and interview and music form Gypsy Jane.

West Texas Music Standards: This week’s music standard is Andy Wilkinson

West Texas Live Shots: Music from Butch Hancock’s Firewater album, recorded in 1980.

Angela Mariani
Kaysie Ellingson

Angela Mariani joins this episode of the Front Row to talk about the upcoming Early Music Ensemble concert.

How do you do all of what you do?

That’s a very good question. I’m very fortunate in terms of the radio show, we have a whole team that works on the radio show. Not only do we have people who help us out right here, at KTTZ, but we also have a team at WFIU in Bloomington, Indiana, which is where the program originates from. So yes, I have helpers.

Tell us about what you do at the school of music.

Margaret Talkington

On this episode of Faith Matters, Kitty Harris and Tom McGovern reminisce on the life and legacy of Lubbock-legend, Margaret Talkington.

William Westney
Kaysie Ellingson

One of Lubbock’s most respected pianists, Dr. William Westney, comes to the Front Row to talk about this weekend’s upcoming performance.

Everyone looks forward to the Bill Westney recital. Tell us about it.

Madeline Garcia, a senior in the music department, relies on her lizard Toothless for emotional support.
Kaysie Ellingson

The number of emotional support animals on Texas Tech and universities and colleges campuses around the country is on the rise. Here, students living on campus have anxiety or a medical condition exacerbated by it, while others suffer from depression. To deal with these conditions, students are registering to have an emotional support animal in their rooms.

“They’re everywhere,” Tamara Mancini, senior assistant director in the university’s Student Disability Services office, says. “It’s not just one hall I can say, oh yeah, they’re all contained into this hall. It’s not.”

The holiday season is upon us, and maybe I’m getting older and grouchier, but the Christmas season has now invaded our lives to the point that—no joke—I saw Christmas lights up the day after Halloween. Halloween! This can’t stand! On October 29th as I made my way to Target to buy last minute candy to hand out to kids dressed as pumpkins, skeletons and Taylor Swift, I found that not only had Halloween—still 3 days away at that point—been relegated to one row and a couple shelves, while the rest of specialty section had already been taken over by Christmas.

Gerald Dolter and Frank Rendon visit with the Front Row.
Kaysie Ellingson

Gerald Dolter and Frank Rendon visit with the Front Row to talk about Moonlight Musical’s upcoming production of Miracle on 34th Street.

Gerald Dolter, help us understand, is this part of Moonlight Musical or Moonlight Broadway?


Music Crossroads of Texas

On Music Crossroads of Texas we finish up our two-part feature of talented guitarists of West Texas.

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