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Inside Texas Tech: Land Arts 2017

The seven students in the Land Arts of the American West class began thinking about the course’s finale from the first day of their two-month outdoor classroom. And some say the experience will continue to imbue their work in the future.

“I know there are things that will seep in later as I’m just sitting in my studio and working and ideas flowing in,” artist, Kellie Flint, says. “I’ll be like, that’s Land Arts.”

Beginning this evening, she and the other six students...

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President Lawrence Schovanec
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Inside Texas Tech: A Pathway to 2025

Start a long road trip without a clear map route and travel to your destination could prove problematic. That’s the rationale behind Texas Tech’s new strategic plan which is intended to guide the university to its 100th birthday in 2025.

The plan, entitled ‘A Foundation for the Next Century: A Pathway to 2025,’ lays out three priorities, assigns goals within each of those and lays out strategies aimed at achieving each of the goals.

The priorities are educating and...

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Texas Tech is the largest university in the western two-thirds of the state, and its footprint looks to be growing. There are 17 campuses across the system, including one in Seville, Spain, and the soon-to-opened one in Costa Rica. But two other projects – a dental school in El Paso and a vet school in Amarillo -- are also in the works.

Noche de Tango: January 19, 2018

Jan 22, 2018

Noche de Tango January 19, 2018 Playlist

Tanda 1 – Aldo Calderon Anibal Trolio

“A Unos Ojos”
“Cuando Volveras”

Tanda 2 – Leonardo Pastore

“Melodia de Arrabal”
“El Dia de Mi Quieres”
“Mano a Mano”

Tanda 3 – Sofia Tosello

“De Barro”
“La Ultima Curda”

Tanda 4 – Quarteto Criollo Gonzalez Calo

“Mal Arreado”
“Don Alfredo”
“Cinco Nombres”
“Destino de Tango”

"Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor" by William Halsall, 1882
Public Domain

Rebecca Sleeper Irons has roots that run back to the Mayflower. From their settlement on Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Salem Witch trials, Rebecca's mother has traced these stories through history. On this special, two-part Faith Matters, Rebecca retells her family history.

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas we devote the entire show to the West Texas super group: The Flatlanders. Along with the group, he also explores some of the solo music from the group’s three-principle members: Joe Ely, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock.

Music Crossroads of Texas: The Flatlanders Playlist

On this special edition of the Front Row, we visit with 15-year-old violinist, Daniel Bae. Bae is originally from Lubbock, and currently resides in Los Angeles. He will be a guest on the next From The Top, which airs Saturday, Jan 20.

How do you like living in Los Angeles?

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is performing concerts this weekend. Joining the Front Row to talk about the show, “The Impressionists,” are Galen Wixson and David Cho.

The Title is “The Impressionists.” For people who might now know, Galen, what does that mean and who are they?

Texas Tech’s enrollment numbers will continue to climb and university officials are working to ensure the rate at which the school grows doesn’t sacrifice quality. The system’s chancellor, Robert Duncan, says the right balance is important.

Just more than 37,000 students enrolled at Texas Tech University last fall. In the fall of 1997, the number of undergraduate and graduate students stood at around 25,022. That’s more than a 32 percent increase in 20 years.

Tom McGovern, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way.
Rachel Boyd

On this episode of Faith Matters, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way discuss the upcoming fifth annual Robert Burns supper, celebrating Scottish heritage.

West Texas Guitarists Part II

Noche de Tango: January 12, 2018

Jan 12, 2018

Tanda 1 – Pedro Polito

“Color de Rosa”
“Dios lo Sabe”

Tanda 2 – Juan Maglio

“Tango Argentino”
“Orillas del Plata”
“La Guardia Vieja”

Tanda 3 – Aldolfo Carabelli

“El Aeroplano”
“Cuando Miran Tus Ojos”
“El Cabure”
“Cuartro Palabras”

Tanda 4 – Victor Lavalleno

“De Norte a Sur”
“Adios Nonino”


Music Crossroads of Texas

On this week's Music Crossroads of Texas we're focused on Lubbock-legend Buddy Holly.

Faces of KTTZ

Meet the faces that make up the team at KTTZ-Texas Tech Public Media.