Inside Texas Tech: Chancellor Duncan on Campus Growth (pt. 1)

Texas Tech’s enrollment numbers will continue to climb and university officials are working to ensure the rate at which the school grows doesn’t sacrifice quality. The system’s chancellor, Robert Duncan, says the right balance is important.

Just more than 37,000 students enrolled at Texas Tech University last fall. In the fall of 1997, the number of undergraduate and graduate students stood at around 25,022. That’s more than a 32 percent increase in 20 years.

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Tom McGovern, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way.
Rachel Boyd

Faith Matters: A Tribute to Robert Burns

On this episode of Faith Matters, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way discuss the upcoming fifth annual Robert Burns supper, celebrating Scottish heritage.

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Melody Zuniga
Betsy Blaney

Melody Zuniga joined her daughter for a program that identified sixth-grade girls who would be the first generation in their families to go to college. She wanted her youngest child to have opportunities she didn’t. Now, she’s an inspiration to her daughter. The 40-year-old mother is set to graduate in August.

“I don’t want to say it’s everything, because it’s not,” she says. “I’ve become a little bit more humbled. It’s more like a great accomplishment.”

On this week's Faith Matters, Kate Hennessy discusses her book on her grandmother Dorothy Day--famous writer and Catholic activist.

Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams Facebook Page

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas hear songs from various West Texas artists—some have been previously featured on the show, and others make their debut. This week you will hear music from The Robin Griffin Band, Brandon Adams, Gypsy Jayne and the Travelers, Lesley Sawyer, and Bob Livingston, among others.

Playlist from the Week

“Snake Bit” – Robin Griffin

“Then We Left Town” – Brandon Adams

“Running From You” – Carin Mari

“I See Stars” – Charlie Stout

“Eden (The Tomb)” – Jere Lowe

Left to right: Team members Maddy Ainsley, April Molitor, Ben Mills, and one of the team's coaches, Nick Hardcastle.
Betsy Blaney

Members of the highly successful Texas Tech meat judging team credit work ethic and good chemistry with recently bringing home the group’s 13th national championship. Not too surprisingly, some on the outside aren’t sure exactly what the team does.

“I’ve gotten everything from, “wait do you just eat steaks all day.” No I wish I did,” Ben Mills, one of the judges, says.

The Lubbock Chorale
Lubbock Chorale Facebook Page

The Lubbock Chorale Holiday Concert is one of the many Christmas traditions in Lubbock. Joining the Front Row to talk about the concert is Dr. John Hollins.

How is the Lubbock Chorale different from other choral organizations?

First of all, we are in our 42 season, so just shy of 3 years ago, we celebrated our 40th, ruby anniversary, and it was a wonderful milestone for the chorale. It has a rich history. It has always been associated with Texas Tech University School of Music from inception as an entity.

Tensions rose across the US when lawmakers in some states debated which door transgender people should enter when using public restrooms. That prompted a Texas Tech assistant history professor Dr. Emily Skidmore to explore the history of transgender men in the US. Her new book dispels the idea that the issue is new in this country.

“One thing that I hope readers will take away is just the fact that there’s a long history of trans-men existing in the United States,” she says. “It’s not a new phenomenon.”

Dr. Philip Gorski
Yale School of Management YouTube

The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization sponsored another visitor for its lecture series, Dr. Philip Gorski. He joins the Front Row, along with Stephen Balch, who is the director of the institute.

Dr. Balch, tell us about the talk that happened last night.

Props surround the studio as Ballet Lubbock prepares for their production of "Nutcracker."
Kaysie Ellingson

Ballet Lubbock is preparing for their annual production of The Nutcracker. The Front Row visited with Nicholas Dragga, executive director of Ballet Lubbock, and Yvonne Racz Key, artistic director, to talk about the show.

How is it that this production has become so ingrained into the fabric of our community?

Weekly Main Feature: This week on the music Crossroads of Texas Curtis Peoples finishes a two-part look at singers and songwriters from West Texas. Including music from Bob Livingston, Lesley Sawyer, Delbert McClinton, and Ingrid Kaiter.  

Women of West Texas: The Women  of West Texas feature is Amanda Shires

West Texas Live Shots: This weeks Live Shot is Andy Wilkinson

From the Crossroads of Music Archive: This week we feature another track from Larry Trider. 

George W. Bush
Public Domain

“You can’t start much higher than a president of the United States.”

That’s the view of Brent Lindquist, dean of Texas Tech’s College of Arts and Sciences. It’s gotten a top-drawer speaker to further a fundraising campaign announced a year ago. The “Unmasking Innovation” campaign is looking forward to having former President George W. Bush keynote its April event in Dallas.


Music Crossroads of Texas

On Music Crossroads of Texas we finish up our two-part feature of talented guitarists of West Texas.

Faces of KTTZ

Meet the faces that make up the team at KTTZ-Texas Tech Public Media.