Don Holladay serves as a member of the Roots Historical Arts Council board.
Clint Barrick

The Front Row: The Caviel Museum of African American History

The Caviel Museum of African American History is participating in its first, First Friday Art Trail. Don Holladay joins the Front Row to share more about what’s in store for this Lubbock Museum.

Tell us about the area in this part of Lubbock, about the background.

We’re right along avenue A, and they tell me way back before the interstate that Avenue A was the highway from Amarillo to wherever, Snider, Abilene, what have you. On the west side of Avenue A was...

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Tom McGovern, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way.
Rachel Boyd

Faith Matters: A Tribute to Robert Burns

On this episode of Faith Matters, Dr. Bryan Sutton, Patrick McLaurin and Edson Way discuss the upcoming fifth annual Robert Burns supper, celebrating Scottish heritage.

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Many West Texans likely believe that sex trafficking is a big-city problem. Nothing is further from reality. That truth has prompted several Lubbock-area organizations to join forces to fight it. A summit with stakeholders, including survivors of sex trafficking, doctors, experts and law enforcement, will be held Monday through Wednesday next week at First Baptist Church.

Dr. Alan Zabriskie, Director of Choral Studies at the TTU School of Music.
Kaysie Ellingson

Dr. Alan Zabriskie, Director of Choral Studies at the Texas Tech University School of Music, visits with the Front Row to talk about their upcoming concert.

How do you pick music for a concert?

Lasiurus borealis trasmitter and antenna.
Brock Fenton

There are more than 1,300 bat species. Some migrate. But for years researchers haven’t had much information about their migration patterns. Now, because of hundreds of telemetry towers and transmitters glued onto bats’ backs, a Texas Tech bat researcher is getting data about where the bats go. That could help Liam McGuire discover why hundreds of thousands of the flying mammals across North America die each year because of wind turbines.

Music Crossroads of Texas Playlist: Family Connections

On this episode of the Front Row, Clint Barrick talks with Ashley Tompkins and Alexis Shelly about the fun, entertaining and educational things to do at Moody Gardens.

For those who might not know, Ashley give us a bit of information about Moody Gardens itself.

Dr. Cynthia Jumper works for the Texas Tech University Health and Sciences Center as the Vice President of Health Policy, Associate Dean of Health Services Management as well as professor of internal medicine. She joins this episode of Faith Matters to talk about the upcoming Sex Trafficking Allied Response Summit.

Noch de Tango: February 23, 2018

Feb 23, 2018

Noche de Tango: February 23, 2018

Tanda 1 – Francisco Canaro

“La Trampera”
“Tiemos Viejos”

Tanda 2 – Francini Pontier/Roberto Rufino

“A Su Memoria”
“A Mi Madre”
“Corazon de Oro”
“Claveles Blancos”

Tanda 3 – Mistonguero

“A La Orquesta escuela del Tango”
“A La Gran Muneca”

Tanda 4 – Orquesta Victoria

“El Andariego”

On this episode of the Front Row, we’re talking in detail about the upcoming Presidential Lecture and Performance series with the director of the series, Jo Moore.

Tell us about the upcoming event for the series.

We have a fellow named Sammy Miller, who is a Grammy-Nominated, Juilliard schooled drummer and band-leader, who after he graduated with his Master’s degree from Juilliard actually formed this band called Sammy Miller and the Congregation.

Photo courtesy of Chris Witmore.

There’s ample history written about the Atlantic Wall, a 2,000-mile coastal defense Adolf Hitler ordered built in 1942. He believed a major allied attack could happen anywhere and wanted to be prepared.

But Texas Tech archaeologist Chris Witmore and his colleagues from Iceland and Norway wanted to tell stories beyond history’s outline of the outpost. The team spent time during the past seven summers at Svaerholt, one of the wall’s northern most outposts at the tip of Norway.

Clint Barrick interviews Jorgen van Rijen.
Kaysie Ellingson

On this episode of The Front Row, famous trombonist, Jorgen van Rijen, principal trombonist of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, takes time during his visit to Texas Tech to talk with us about his journey with the trombone.

Tell us about you and your journey with the trombone.


Music Crossroads of Texas

On this week's Music Crossroads of Texas we continue our celebration women's history month!

Faces of KTTZ

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